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Gary Land Company

The Gary Land Company building is Gary's "first" building. It was recently restored as a downtown museum and visitor's center.

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"The Re-Dedication of the Gary Land Company Building" 
                              By Dolly Millender

  In June of 1906, the GARY LAND COMPANY BUILDING was built. It became Gary's first city hall, the first post office, the first school, the first of everything until that subsidiary of the Steel Corporation could lay out the town and develop it. Thus, this building that was re-dedicated on July 30, 2006, is historic because it stands in its original form (with the exception of the porch). It was maintained by all of Gary*s administrations. It is on the National Register of Historic Places, which was done during the administration of Richard G. Hatcher by a city employee, Gus Giniakos, who currently lives in Martinsville, Indiana.  This building was maintained as a museum of Gary history by the former Gary Historical Society, the group which disbanded during the Richard G. Hatcher Administration.    
  The current *Custodian* of the GARY LAND COMPANY BUILDING is the GARY HISTORICAL & CULTURAL SOCIETY, Inc. This group was formed in 1976 during the country*s bi-centennial year with a grant from the Indiana Committee for the Humanities. The purpose of that grant was to recognize and to pull together the various ethnic groups which helped and continue to help in the growth and development of Gary. This recognition and celebration of Gary's cultural and ethnic diversity continues as one of our major missions today.

   We re-dedicated this building on July 30, 2006, to pay tribute to the date history records as the date Gary became officially organized as a town. On July 17, 1906, the town of Gary, Indiana, was INCORPORATED under the general law for the incorporation of towns. As a town, an election was held, and trustees voted upon: President of the Board of Trustees was Thomas E. Knotts. Millard  A. Caldwell and John E. Sears were the two other trustees voted into office. THESE NAMES ARE CARVED ON THE STONE THAT IS ON THE BACK OF THE LOT." 

     Teaching Future Citizens About Gary, IN

GHCS Founder and Gary Historian Mrs. Dolly Millender is shown below teaching the story of the famous names carved on the stone, as the children, youth and adult chaperones from our GHCS summer program listen. The stone is located on the back lot of the Gary Land Company. The first trustees' names which are carved on the stone iinclude:  Thomas E. Knotts, Millard A. Caldwell and John E. Sears.


Gary Mayor Rudolph Clay welcomes the crowd to the Re-dedication of The Gary Land Company - our "city treasure".

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