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Our Community Programs

Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra
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Our Community Programs
Our Children's and Youth Programs
Gary Land Company
The Gary (IN) Historical & Cultural Society is committed to providing historical, cultural and educational enrichment programs for citizens of all ages.

The GHCS "5th Sunday Community Forums"

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The GHCS 5th Sunday Community Forums, co-sponsored by the Gary Public Library, are moderated by Stephen Currie and Alan Currie, two talented young Gary men who bring topics of current events and interest to the community.

Prof. Sterling Plumpp leads GHCS' Writer's Workshops.

Professor Sterling Plumpp, Workshop Leader

The GHCS Writer's Conference, as well as the weekly Writer's Workshop both help aspiring writers to improve their skills and current writers to find a publisher. These workshops were started years ago by GHCS Founder/CEO Dolly Millender, who is a published author of several books, articles and pamphlets on events and key persons in American history. The weekly workshop is held each Saturday at the Gary Public Library with workshop leader Professor Sterling Plumpp. The Writer's Conference is held each August in Gary. Call 219-882-6873 for more information.

Celebrating Gary's History and Ethnic Diversity


"Sharing Our Ethnic History and Cultures" is an annual GHCS event, co-sponsored by The Gary Public Library. Citizens come from Gary and throughout the region and the country to pay tribute to the unique ethnic history of Gary, Indiana - the only American city built on a pile of sand by over 45 ethnic groups. This celebration is held in October.

The Gary Land Company is Gary, Indiana's "first" building (1906-2006) and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was restored in 2006, and is once again a downtown Gary history museum and visitor's center. Since 1984, the Gary Historical & Cultural Society had maintained it as a museum and visitor's center for Gary. But in recent years, it had fallen into disrepair. Then in 2006, an awesome array of community supporters, such as our mayor, city officials, firemen, GHCS volunteers, and area contractors, painters, apprentices, U.S. Steel, the centennial committee and so many others restored the building for future generations. A dedication was held in July 2006. Many thanks - also - to our city historian and GHCS Founder/CEO, Mrs. Dolly Millender, for never giving up until the building once again became a "city treasure" !

The GHCS "Christmas Season Dinner-Concerts" began in 1986. Featuring the holiday music of the Gary Civic Symphony and the dinner music of the Ron PIckett Jazz Ensemble, this annual event is hailed as our "season's opener" by the sell-out crowds which attend each year.

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